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Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down vol. 1

Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down vol. 1
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They were transferred from 16mm film, and have always been a classic series from Depatie-Freleng.
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  • Author: Nathaniel Brandon "Nate" Harris
    Ioved watching cartoons for all ages but
    I'm 44 years old & I rather watch the old
    school cartoons.Not the new ones but.
    Things changed when I was a kid I was.
    Born March 24, 1967 & my favorite cartoon by.filmation is."The Hardy Boys"
    so as others liked.Archie& Sabrina,
    Gilligan, Star Trek,Shazam! Batman,
    Fat Albert, Super Seven, Tarzan,
    The Lone Ranger,Zorro,Hero Hign Heroes, Flash Gordon, Tom & Jerry,
    Masters Of The Universe Starring She-Ra
    & He-Man, The Ghost Busters,
    The Secret Lives Of Waldo Kitty,Sport
    Billy Blackstar,Rick Springfield & Mission
    Magic Groovie Goolies,Lassie, Isis &
    Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down
    I never seen it in years. & Filmation
    Studios was founded by.Lou Schiemer
    Hal Sutherland & Norm Prescott was the.
    Brains of the cartoon world. & If you
    have.The New Archie & Sabrina Hour.
    From 1977 was aired on.NBC & CBS
    had. The Archies in 1968 to 1978.
    Was a hit cartoon series.From back in.
    The day & I looking for it on DVD if you.
    Have it. & I'm really sorry about.Norm
    Prescott just really died at 78 years old.
    And if you have lost cartoons by.Filmation
    Studios on DVD I will pay & send by,
    Money Order thanks.Signed nathaniel.harris@yahoo.com
  • Author: SinLey
    Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down vol. 1

    Here's the complete series ?